And finally, Cumbria's ospreys are back!

Ospreys return to Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve - Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Blue 35 and White YW have returned to Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve © Cumbria Wildlife Trust
Blue 35 and White YW have returned to Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve © Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Cumbria’s successful pair of breeding ospreys have returned to our South Lakeland nature reserve, raising hopes that there will be chicks for the ninth year running

Blue 35 and White YW, the two ospreys who successfully raised and fledged three chicks last year, have returned to Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve near Witherslack. The female Blue 35 arrived first, at 1pm yesterday (30 March), followed by the male White YW at around 7.30pm that evening (last year they both returned on 26 March).

Paul Waterhouse, Reserves Officer for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, looks after Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve. He said: “We’re delighted to see the return of Blue 35 and White YW to Cumbria. We look forward to what we hope will be yet another successful breeding season. Last summer all three osprey chicks fledged, bringing the breeding pair’s total to an amazing 21 chicks so far since 2014! Many people watched on nervously, wondering if the smallest chick (nicknamed Tiny) would make it, but he did! I hope we have an equally successful (but hopefully less nail-biting!) season this year.”

Our livestreaming osprey webcam is back up-and-running, complete with sound and night vision, offering fascinating close-up views of the birds. This season, for the first time, there is also a new 180-degree interactive camera, allowing you to choose your view around the birds’ nest.

Paul explains: “We’re delighted to offer this brand new viewing experience to all Foulshaw osprey-watchers, who are not just local but can be found around the world! The new interactive camera is simple to use: go to our osprey webcam page, just click your mouse on the interactive camera screen and scroll around the nest - you can also zoom in and out. Huge thanks to Axis Communications who kindly donated the new 180-degree camera. We've been using cameras from Axis Communications across our sites for seven years, mainly for security and then for documenting close-up footage of the ospreys in action too. With the arrival of this new interactive camera, osprey-watchers will have an even more immersive way of following these majestic birds of prey.”

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Posted On: 31/03/2022

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