State of Nature Report Gives Stark Warning - Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

Derbyshire’s State of Nature report – positive news for otters but stark warning overall.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have released their State of Nature report today. The report highlights the state of our county’s wildlife and wild places.

In partnership with Derbyshire Biological Records Centre, local wildlife groups and volunteers, the report collates the latest figures and information about the county’s species and where they live, against a backdrop of changing land use, climate change pressure and the fragmentation of suitable green spaces.

Worryingly, statistics show that many species such as water vole and white-clawed crayfish have dramatically declined in numbers in the county due to habitat loss, intensive farming, species persecution and climate change factors.

However, the report also celebrates success stories with thriving species and habitats. Otters have returned to most of Derbyshire’s rivers over the past 20 years after being absent due to persecution and poisoning from agricultural pesticides. Tighter environmental regulations cleaning our rivers, means that Otters have been able to thrive. This is one of the best examples of what can happen when we simply stop polluting our rivers and allow nature to recover.

Invertebrate species including the ivy bee and cinnamon bug have arrived over the last 20 years; these were previously restricted to the south of Derbyshire and are now expanding north due to climate change.

Kieron Huston, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s Biodiversity Planning and Policy Manager said: “Today’s report makes for some sober reading, we know our wildlife is in trouble. However, the evidence and data gives us the latest picture across the region so we can focus our efforts and resources where they are most needed and where we can work with others to have the best impact for more of our precious wildlife and wild places.”

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Posted On: 28/03/2022

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