40 councils leading the way on climate - Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth and Ashden launch 40 new case studies celebrating local authority action on climate

Local authorities are crucial to the delivery of the UK’s transition to a cleaner, greener future. But progress needs to be accelerated in every local area if the UK’s climate and nature targets are to be met, Friends of the Earth and the climate charity Ashden say today as they publish new resources for councils and campaigners.

The environmental organisations have drawn together a unique set of case studies which showcase the inspiring work of 40 local authorities. They demonstrate how councils have implemented successful initiatives and solutions in response to pressing local challenges, as well as the need to fulfil their own green targets and counter the climate emergency.

These examples of best practice spanning areas such as nature restoration, energy efficiency and transport, highlight the many ways councils can make a substantial difference where they operate, and overcome some of the barriers that currently frustrate progress on local issues as well as the climate.

Among those included as part of the huge bank of examples, are:

Most councils have now declared a climate emergency, and 85% have formulated climate action plans, but the quality and scale of ambition still varies greatly between local authorities. A lack of clarity from central government about the role that councils must play in the transition to a safer planet remains a significant stumbling block for the sector, alongside a shortfall in funding, resources and powers.

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Posted On: 10/03/2022

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