669 wild or naturalised plant species recorded in bloom during New Year Plant Hunt 2022 - Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland

The results are in for BSBI’s eleventh New Year Plant Hunt, when plant-lovers across Britain and Ireland head out to see what is flowering in their local patch. 1,895 people took part this year – more than ever before – during this warmest New Year on record. Plant Hunters were out recording wild and naturalised plants in bloom in their local area for up to three hours over the New Year period - here’s what they found:

field of daisies
(image: Vanessa Blickwinkel)

As expected, the milder south and the coastal areas of Britain and Ireland had the highest numbers of species in flower – 107 in Swanage with more than 80 species also recorded at locations in Somerset, Cornwall, Jersey and Suffolk.

Although the 2022 New Year period itself was the warmest on record, temperatures leading up to the New Year Plant Hunt were only 1.1 degrees above average. This contrasts with temperatures leading up to the 2021 Hunt, when temperatures were 2.7 degrees above average and a higher number of species in bloom (710) was recorded.

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Posted On: 21/02/2022

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