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We have welcomed the reissuing by Defra of the three General Licences for the control of certain wild birds for the purposes of: conserving wild birds, flora and fauna of conservation concern (GL40); preserving public health or safety (GL41); and the prevention of serious damage (GL42). The Licences, which came into effect on 1 January, are valid for two years to 31 December 2023, and this table shows the species of wild bird that can be controlled for the purposes of each licence.

There remain issues with some aspects of the licences which we will continue to discuss with the government, but on the whole they allow farmers and land managers to manage avian pest species for most legitimate reasons. The clarification that gamebirds can be classed as livestock whilst they are dependent on the provision of food, water, or shelter for their survival is also helpful confirmation that the General Licences can be used to prevent serious damage to pheasants and partridges in such circumstances.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has reissued its three General Licences for the control of certain wild birds: to prevent serious damage and the spread of disease to livestock, foodstuffs for livestock, crops, vegetables or fruit (GL001); to preserve public health and prevent the spread of disease (GL002); and to conserve certain wild birds (GL004). The General Licences are only valid for six months, from 01 January – 30 June 2022

Whilst it is not necessary to apply for these licences, it is essential that the terms and conditions of use for each is complied with before carrying out any lethal control.

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Posted On: 05/01/2022

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