New poll reveals people think children need more time learning in nature - The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts and young people call for more outdoor wild time at school.

A new poll shows that people believe children do not spend enough time enjoying the natural world and that they should spend more of their school time learning outdoors in nature.

It has been widely proven that regular contact with nature makes children healthier, happier, and better able to learn. The poll, commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts, surveyed 1,000 adults, and reveals:

The findings from the poll of adults are echoed by young people involved in Our Bright Future, a £33 million programme led by The Wildlife Trusts and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. Young people on the programme were asked: ‘If you could change one thing for you and the environment, what would this be?’. One of the top three requests was for more outdoor education and more learning about nature. Our Bright Future supports learning in and about nature across the curriculum, for all ages and throughout all subjects.

Craig Bennett, chief executive of The Wildlife Trusts, says: “Young people are on the frontline of the climate crisis, and it is no surprise that they want to learn as much as possible about nature in order to tackle the damaged world they are inheriting. To build climate thinkers of the future we must first teach them about nature. But as well as learning about nature, we also know that learning in natural, wild places is extremely beneficial. As well as boosting academic learning, young people’s physical and mental health can all be improved by a strong connection to nature.”

Following the disruption and isolation suffered by many young people as a result of the pandemic, the Our Bright Future programme believes outdoor learning can play a vital role in improving the mental wellbeing of young people, as well as improving their academic outcomes. A study commissioned by The Wildlife Trusts found that children’s wellbeing increased after spending time in nature.

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Posted On: 01/12/2021

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