Charities are key to get public to act on climate crisis - The Wildlife Trusts

Credit: Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography
Credit: Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

A survey commissioned by People’s Postcode Lottery has found environmental charities and organisations hold the power to motivate people to act and change their ways when it comes to their own impact on the environment.

While respondents ranked governments as having top responsibility for tackling climate change, the poll found information from environmental charities to be the key driving force in encouraging people to adopt low carbon lifestyles.

Charities came out on top with respondents across Britain as a trusted information source and the leading motivator in encouraging climate friendly behaviour with respondents across Britain, scoring more highly than anything they see in the news.

According to the survey, what politicians say is the least motivating factor in encouraging the British public to reduce their environmental impact, scoring joint last alongside what they see on social media.

As a reliable source of motivation and information, the research highlights the third sector has a vital role to play in communicating to the public the importance of reducing their environmental impact, and how they can do that.

72% of those who answered expressed an interest in learning more about what they can do to reduce their environmental impact and over half, 57%, recognise that they are not currently doing enough.

Published ahead of the COP26 climate summit, the survey is part of a report called From Attitude to Action: Environmental concerns and behaviours in Britain. It was conducted by Survation and designed by Diffley Partnership.

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