Significant New Report On Barriers To Inclusion Published - CIEEM

CIEEM has published an important new report on work undertaken to better understand barriers to inclusion in the ecology and environmental management careers sector for people of colour. The report, produced by leading stakeholder participation consultancy Dialogue Matters, summarises the outputs of two workshops held over the summer.

The first workshop invited people of colour at different career stages within the sector, both CIEEM members and non-members, to share their experiences of barriers faced in their career journeys, their hopes for the future and ideas for change. The second workshop involved a wider stakeholder group to explore these ideas more fully, gather new ideas and to ascribe actions to bring about the desired change.

Sally Hayns, CEO of CIEEM, said ‘This seminal report is a tribute to the participation of all the stakeholders involved and their commitment to help create a more diverse and inclusive profession. It builds on our Diversity and Inclusion Statement published in 2020 and our learning from our report on our survey of CIEEM members published earlier this year. Most importantly, it identifies potential actions for CIEEM, for CIEEM in collaboration with other partners and ideas for other stakeholder groups to take forward. This report is a call for action that must be heard and responded to if we are serious about breaking down these barriers – and we are.’

Read the full report here

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