Cross-party report calls for microfibre filters on all washing machines by 2025 - Marine Conservation Society

This week, an All-Party Parliamentary Group tasked with tackling the issues microplastics, released its first report recommending to the government that all washing machines should be fitted with microfibre filters.

We're delighted that our research, and our supporters voices, have contributed to this vital step to stop trillions of plastic fibres polluting our ocean.

We've been campaigning for years to raise awareness of the damaging effect microfibres have on our environment. Thanks to the help of our supporters who signed the #StopOceanThreads petition, the message is finally getting through.

We were pleased to be able to advise the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on marine conservation issues and celebrate the launch of their first microplastics report, which will influence government decisions.

What is the APPG?

An All-Party Parliamentary Group is a coalition of cross-party MPs who are the voice of the ocean in Westminster. Together with NGOs, environmental charities, health experts, businesses and community leaders, it's a powerful platform to discuss environmental issues and recommend policy solutions.

This group has been tasked with looking at how they can raise awareness of the effect microplastics have on the environment.

The report released this week is a big step forward in our campaign against plastic pollution.

Download the report

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Posted On: 22/09/2021

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