Working with and for nature: creating new habitat at Cotehele quay - National Trust

Aerial photo of the site successfully flooded (Steve Haywood)
Aerial photo of the site successfully flooded (Steve Haywood)

We’re creating a wildlife rich intertidal habitat in the field below the woodland path by Cotehele Quay

The field below the woodland path by Cotehele Quay was originally converted into farmland in 1850 when an enclosing embankment was built. Now the field has become part of the original flood plain as a 15-metre breach has been made in the riverside bank to allow the tide to flood in.

Working in partnership with the Environment Agency and supported by Natural England, the work forms part of a larger programme of habitat creation and improvement throughout the Tamar catchment which aims to create new intertidal habitat which will improve the resilience to the changing climate and to provide a richer environment for people and nature.

What has happened?

The first phase of the project was completed in April 2021 when channels were created within the field to help bring tidal waters in. A new embankment was also built by the quay car park to form the boundary of the intertidal habitat and to help protect the car park.

In September 2021 a breach was made in the 19th century bank to allow tidal waters to regularly flow into the channels across the field, beginning the creation of a richer habitat for nature that will take place over the coming years.

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