National Trust reveals blossoming ambitions for city of culture as ‘Project Blossom’ starts to take root around UK - The National Trust

Coventry is the latest city to confirm plans for a new blossom garden as part of the National Trust and its partners’ ambition to create hundreds of blossom spaces in urban areas across England, Wales and Northern Ireland over the next five years, to ensure more people have access to nature and green spaces. The charity and its partners also hope to create a UK-equivalent of Japan’s world-famous Hanami (blossom viewing).

large field tree in dappled sunlight
Charterhouse Heritage Park on the outskirts of Coventry - the latest location in the National Trust's blossom project in partnership with Historic Coventry Trust (image: National Trust)

The new blossom garden in Charterhouse Heritage Park will mark Coventry’s tenure as City of Culture. And, today, the locations and plans for blossom plantings in Newcastle, Nottingham and Plymouth, first announced in February, have also been revealed.

The National Trust has also confirmed 46 new blossom projects which will be planted on the land in its care across the country over the next few months.

All plantings will help towards the Trust’s ambitions to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030 to help in the fight against climate change and to create more homes for nature. They will also help in its aim to help tackle unequal access to green space across Britain and build on the importance given to green spaces and nature during lockdown when thousands found time spent in nature beneficial not just for their physical health but mental wellbeing too.

Hilary McGrady, Director General of the National Trust said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm from towns, cities and local communities around the country after our first blossom garden was unveiled in London this year. Bringing more blossom to cities and to National Trust landscapes is an important part of our plans to plant 20 million trees, give more homes to nature and help people connect with nature wherever they are. This project goes back to our roots and one of our founders’ key desires – to ensure more people have beautiful spaces to enjoy.”

In Coventry, the trees will be planted in the newly-created 70 acre Charterhouse Heritage Park. Members of the local community will be asked to share their thoughts on where the blossom garden should be located, its design and uses for the space.

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Posted On: 10/09/2021

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