New plan to safeguard local wildlife and nature habitats launched in Leicester - Leicester City Council

(image: Leicester City Council)
(image: Leicester City Council)

AN ambitious ten-year plan to protect wildlife, conserve habitats and help ensure nature flourishes in Leicester has been launched by the city council.

The new Leicester Biodiversity Action Plan 2021-31 sets out how the city council and its partners will focus nature conservation work on wildlife habitats and species that are most in need of help to make sure that local biodiversity thrives.

The new plan is guided by four strategic ambitions for the next ten years:

For the first time, the Leicester Biodiversity Action Plan includes actions to protect specific species including Peregrines, Swifts, Water Vole, Hedgehogs, Black Redstart and Otters.

It will also see more wildflower planting on roadside verges; the restoration and creation of new hedgerows to help create wildlife corridors; more tree planting to increase woodland cover; and a continuation of work to improve the city’s riverside as a great place for wildlife to thrive and for people to visit. There are also plans to create more areas of grassland and wetland, both of which provide rich habitats for a variety of wildlife.

The new plan also sets out the importance of raising local awareness of issues facing wildlife and encouraging more active participation in nature conservation across local communities.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said: “Back in the 1980s, I was proud to be involved in establishing the city’s first ever ecology strategy. A huge amount has been achieved since then – we now have more wetlands, meadows and woodland across the city’s network of nature reserves and parks. Water quality in the river has also improved immensely so we now get Otters and Egrets in the heart of the city. In recent years, we have seen how new investment can revitalise the city’s waterways, with new nature areas like the award-winning Ellis Meadows providing fantastic stop-off points for wildlife and for people. We have a fantastic foundation to build on and that is exactly what the new Leicester Biodiversity Action Plan sets out to do. We want to create a city that remains rich in biodiversity and ensure that people continue to have access to the vast range of nature on our doorsteps, now and for future generations.”

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Posted On: 28/07/2021

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