Unleash nature’s potential: Nature restoration could generate £6.4 billion a year in benefits to the UK - RSPB

Today pop-up shop, the InConvenience Store, opens taking members of the public on an immersive shopping trip to a dystopian future in which nature has collapsed.

The InConvenience Store shows the public how a future without nature will impact their lives. Its products - like sandbags, clean air and drinking water paint a grim picture of everyday essentials we'd need to survive if nature's no longer helping us combat problems like pollution and flooding.

A new RSPB report also launched today shows how the UK Governments could change the course of history and even unlock £6.4 billion in public benefits – dwarfing public sector spending on nature in 2018/19 by over 1,000%.

The report shows how nature is crucial to our efforts to revive our world by storing carbon, helping to prevent flooding and safeguard communities’ way of life, all while creating amazing havens for wildlife that everyone can enjoy.

From the Solent coastline in Southern England, where saltmarsh stores carbon ten times faster than trees and helps shield communities from the devastation of rising sea levels, to the Scottish highlands where the RSPB is working with other land owners to restore native woodlands to their ancient boundaries, the report highlights five case studies from across the UK showing how our natural wonders are already delivering an incredible return on investment.

The RSPB’s analysis of the most carbon and nature rich areas showed the UK Government could produce £6.4 billion a year in carbon storage, air quality and recreational benefits by harnessing the power of nature. For every £1 invested in saltmarsh, peatland or woodland restoration and creation an average £3 in benefits is returned.

The analysis looks at carbon storage, recreation and air quality benefits for three habitats – woodland, peatland and saltmarsh. But this is the tip of the iceberg - the £6.4 billion figure does not include a host of other benefits including water quality, flood management, job creation and temperature regulation and combating noise pollution.

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