SLE responds to Scotland’s Climate Assembly report on climate emergency - Scottish Land & Estates

Commenting on the report from Scotland’s Climate Assembly which sets out 81 recommendations to help tackle the climate emergency, Stephen Young, Head of Policy at Scottish Land & Estates (SLE), the rural business organisation, said: “Congratulations to the citizens from Scotland’s Climate Assembly for putting together such a thought-provoking and complex report covering all areas of the economy. SLE was delighted to feed our views to the group last year as they were researching topics. It is encouraging to see forestry, native woodlands and peatland restoration feature prominently in the report as these are a crucial part of the work land managers are doing to help tackle the climate emergency. We are also pleased that rural areas have been given some consideration in the ‘20 minute communities’, allowing mobile and digital solutions to be found. Our members who are landowners and farmers are already making great strides in the way they are managing land to help combat climate change. We are pleased the report suggests help for land managers to transition along with a changed rural support policy within five years. This is all possible but it will need robust and clear guidance from the Scottish Government as well as a secure budget to allow long-term decisions to be taken. We look forward to working with our members, government and others to ensure some of the visions from the report can become a reality for Scotland to enable communities to thrive.”

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Posted On: 25/06/2021

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