Climate education project takes root in high school gardens - University of Glasgow

A project which aims to plant the seeds of climate awareness and action through gardening is branching out across Glasgow high schools.
The University of Glasgow has recruited four high schools to the International Green Academy initiative, which partners pupils with University researchers and students to plan, develop and build green spaces on school grounds.
St Mungo’s Academy in Gallowgate and Lourdes Secondary in Cardonald are the latest schools to sign up to the Academy, following successful pilot projects at Drumchapel High and Boclair Academy which began in 2019 and have continued to flourish despite the challenges of COVID-19.

The International Green Academy, established in 2019 at the University of Glasgow, and inspired by the Community and School Garden Project at the University of Arizona, provides support for pupils to transform underdeveloped school land into gardens. In the process, the Academy aims to connect students more closely to their local environments, develop gardening skills, and help them understand environmental justice, sustainability, and food autonomy.
A team of student volunteers known as the Green Technicians are helping to deliver the project in each of the schools. Initially drawn from the University of Glasgow during the first year of the programme, the Green Technicians training programme has now expanded to include student volunteers from the Universities of Leeds and Aberdeen. A total of 27 students have worked through the Green Technician training programme so far.

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