Natural England launches species reintroductions task force to help drive recovery of declining species - Natural England

New task force will consider reintroduction of species to help populations recover as part of the Nature Recovery Network

Natural England is set to establish a species reintroductions task force, after it was announced by the Environment Secretary today. Species reintroductions, alongside habitat restoration and greening of urban spaces, will be part of work undertaken to meet new legally binding biodiversity targets to reverse the decline of wildlife.

Natural England will be heading up the task force as secretariat, considering the reintroduction of species which have been lost to England – such as wildcat – and the introduction of declining species into new areas such as pine marten, dormice, corncrake, short-haired bumblebee and large blue butterfly. This action is being taken to help populations recover and will make up part of the Nature Recovery Network (NRN). It will bring together experts, landowners and NGOs to share knowledge, assess and prioritise species for reintroduction and to develop partnerships for delivering high quality projects.

Natural England Chair Tony Juniper, speaking at the launch with the Environment Secretary, welcomed the stronger measures to protect biodiversity through legally binding targets and the proactive approach to the restoration of native species to England, contributing to nature’s recovery at scale.

Posted on: 19 May 2021

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