State of the UK Barn Owl Population 2020 - The Barn Owl Trust

barn owl flying over a grassy meadow

Despite the pandemic and lockdown disruptions, many groups were able to monitor substantial numbers of Barn Owl nests and collectively contribute to a reliable impression of the 2020 breeding period.

You can read the results, presented here in the State of the UK Barn Owl Population 2020, were poor in general, particularly in terms of mean brood size.

Although three projects from the northern region reported positive outcomes, results were mixed from the Midwest, disappointing from the eastern seaboard, and were even worse from central England, South Wales, and the southwest. It may be no coincidence that the second poorest mean brood size in the history of the State of the UK Barn Owl Population reports has occurred during a year when rainfall swung from unusually dry to very wet, and right at the time when eggs needed incubating and owlets should have been growing.

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Posted On: 14/05/2021

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