New partnership between the University of Exeter and the National Trust to help protect the natural world - National Trust

A new, national partnership between the University of Exeter and the National Trust will see the two organisations join forces to help protect the natural world.

The joint research initiative will explore how both organisations can best respond and adapt to environmental and cultural change, support wildlife renewal and improve wellbeing through nature.

Experts will develop science-based, action-orientated research to inform land use decision making and better understand ways to care for our natural and cultural landscapes. The focus will be to plan and manage the inevitable transformation of landscapes so they work best for people, place, nature and future generations.

There will be new collaborations on projects involving landscapes and communities, and new opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, knowledge exchange and engagement at an international level.

This is only the second university collaboration of its kind from the National Trust. It builds on more than 20 joint research projects and four student placements run collaboratively by the University of Exeter and the National Trust over the last five years.

Professor Rosie Hails, Nature and Science Director, the National Trust, said: “We are delighted to be launching a new, national partnership with the University of Exeter which will build on our successful collaboration to date, support us to develop our research capability, and help us to address the challenges we face in caring for nature and culture through high-quality research. Lockdown has shown the value of our natural spaces for people, this partnership will help shape how we look after the natural and cultural heritage of our countryside and coastlines to make sure that nature, beauty and history are for everyone.”

The collaboration will focus on three main themes: rethinking: how to reverse declines in nature and adapt to climate change; regeneration: managing changing multifunctional landscapes and exploring novel approaches and management techniques; and reconnection: engaging people in conservation.

Posted on: 13 May 2021

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