Report finds severe inequalities in access to parks and greenspaces in communities across the UK - Groundwork

The ‘Out of Bounds: Equity in Access to Urban Nature’ report has been published by community charity Groundwork drawing on evidence and insight from contributors across the green space, health and equalities sectors. It highlights that, while people from all walks of life value and see the importance of regular access to nature, not all places and spaces are equal in what they can offer local communities.

Key findings

Key findings reveal that Covid-19 has widened the inequality gap and people from low-income areas, people from ethnic minority backgrounds and disabled people are among the groups that miss out on the full benefits of urban nature.

Reasons for this inequality include a lack of parks and greenspaces in more disadvantaged areas, issues such as quality and safety concerns and societal barriers which prevent people from feeling comfortable and welcome in shared open spaces.

Key statistics brought together in the report show that:

The purpose of the report is to examine the evidence on which groups use parks and greenspaces the most and highlight the barriers that prevent certain people from accessing their local outdoor provision.

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Posted On: 12/05/2021

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