New plans unveiled to boost recycling - Defra

Major shake-up of England’s bin collections to make it easier for millions of households to recycle and reduce costs for taxpayers.

Every home in England will receive easier and more consistent recycling collections, under new plans to boost recycling and protect the environment, helping the country reach our target of eliminating all avoidable waste by 2050.

Under proposals unveiled by ministers today (Friday 7 May), every household will receive separate, weekly food waste collections from 2023, which will stop the build-up of smelly waste that attracts flies and pests.

Plans being considered include the introduction of statutory guidance on new minimum service standards for rubbish and recycling collections, subject to an assessment of affordability and value for money. This could recommend a minimum service standard of residual waste at least once a fortnight alongside the weekly collection of organic waste. Councils would continue to be supported to collect more frequently than the minimum standard, which is especially important in urban areas, with less space to place bins and homes that have small or no gardens.

Ministers are also considering free garden waste collections for every home, which could save householders over £100 million a year in green waste charges. Currently, councils have discretion on whether to provide the service, which is usually charged for on top of council tax.

In the consultation, published today, the Government will also set out plans to make recycling easier with a clear list of materials that all local authorities and waste firms must collect from homes and businesses, specifically plastic, paper and card, glass, metal and food waste, as well as garden waste for households. This means we will end the confusion for millions of homes and businesses having different collections in different areas, helping households recycle more and send less waste to landfill.

Additional funding and support will be provided to councils for their recycling collections, partly through our reform of the packaging sector which will see firms covering the full net cost of managing their packaging waste. This means council taxpayers will not have to foot the bill, and in turn will be able to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging that is thrown away.

Defra consultation: Consistency in Household and Business Recycling in England

Increasing consistency in recycling will reduce confusion in the materials that can be collected for recycling at kerbside. Following on from the 2019 consultation, this consultation details specific policy proposals for increasing consistency in recycling collected from households, businesses and other organisations. We want to know what you think about the materials included in each recyclable waste stream, exemptions, statutory guidance and transition timelines for local authorities and businesses. We are also seeking views on other areas of the policy to enable recycling consistency to be implemented successfully.

Please note that this consultation will close at 23:59 on 4th July 2021.

Take part here.

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Posted On: 07/05/2021

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