Enjoy some vitamin-sea: download a new app to recognise sealife - Bangor University

Now that we can travel around more freely, why not get some vitamin-sea and watch out for one of the 30 species of whale and dolphin that visit UK waters as you walk along our stunning coastline?

Researchers at Bangor University have teamed up with wildlife charity Sea Watch Foundation and tidal energy technology developer Nova Innovation to develop Sea Watcher, a free mobile phone app that allows anyone to recognise and register a sighting of whales, dolphins and other megafauna spotted from land or a boat in UK waters.
Launched at the end of 2020, almost 1000 sightings have already been recorded by more than 100 users of the app in their local areas over the winter.
Jenny Bond, heading up the research project for SEACAMS 2 at Bangor University said: “While we are being encouraged to move about safely and avoid ‘honey-pots’ or very busy areas, we hope that people are enjoying coastal walks. What better way to enjoy the fresh air and enjoy spotting for whales and dolphins around the UK, an activity where you can learn and relax at the same time. We have developed the Sea Watcher app so that anyone can identify what they see and contribute to marine mammal research in the UK.”
Relax and enjoy some vitamin-sea!

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