Give your old kit a new lease of life

Young wildlife enthusiasts to get much needed equipment in brand new scheme. - British Trust for Ornithology

person looking through binoculars.
Photograph by Rob Read

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) have just launched a scheme to help redistribute binoculars, telescopes, identification field guides and much more from those that don’t need them anymore, to those that do.

The BTO Equipment Donation Scheme (EDS) is designed to help redistribute birding equipment from those who don’t need them anymore, or wish to support others by gifting equipment, to those who may not be able to afford or access the equipment, but would benefit from its use. Many experienced wildlife watchers upgrade their binoculars and telescopes and other wildlife watching equipment as newer and better instruments are brought onto the market, and there will be lots of older pairs of binoculars, books and more languishing in cupboards across the UK. It is this kit that the BTO wants to get into the hands of a young wildlife watcher in need.

Anyone can donate to the scheme, but to be a recipient of redistributed wildlife watching equipment you need to be: aged between 11 and 21; a primary or secondary school who is looking to take up Garden BirdWatch with one (or more) of their year groups, or have a club that focuses on nature or the environment; or a university group or society which focuses on nature or the environment.

The scheme will accept functioning binoculars, telescopes, guide books on birds and other taxa in acceptable condition. The scheme currently does not accept bird ringing equipment or photography equipment.   If you are interested in getting your old wildlife watching kit into the hands of a young wildlife enthusiast, please visit

Posted on: 15 February 2021

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