New partnership to further strengthen rewilding science and knowledge - Rewilding Europe and the Zoological Society of London

A new five-year agreement between Rewilding Europe and the Zoological Society of London will see the partners collaborate on multiple actions to advance European rewilding.

A deepening relationship

Rewilding Europe and ZSL (the Zoological Society of London) have signed a five-year collaborative rewilding agreement (CRA), with both partners leveraging their respective strengths to advance rewilding in a number of key areas.

ZSL, a UK-based conservation and scientific charity of international renown dating back to 1826, is highly experienced in the use of technology in conservation and the development of citizen science. The new agreement builds on a partnership that began in 2019 with the use of ZSL’s groundbreaking Instant Wild platform, which allows online wildlife enthusiasts to collectively identify animals in camera trap photos, thereby providing invaluable data for research and future decision making. This has already seen a wide range of species tagged in imagery from the Central Apennines rewilding area.

Wide-ranging collaboration

Rewilding Europe and ZSL see the opportunity to expand and deepen their collaboration on multiple research, conservation and communications aspects of rewilding in a European context, with the CRA acting as the basis for a range of more specific, formal contracts.

“Both organisations recognise that rewilding can help to address our climate and ecological emergencies and that it can also enhance resilience to diseases such as Covid-19,” says Rewilding Europe’s Managing Director Frans Schepers. “This agreement will see both partners work together to ensure the beneficial impact of rewilding continues to increase.”

“We are very excited about this partnership and the prospect of putting our technical expertise to work supporting rewilding across Europe in response to the climate and ecological emergencies,” says Dr. Andrew Terry, Director of Conservation & Policy for ZSL. “Rewilding offers a sense of hope for the recovery of nature and the rebuilding of strong connections between people and wildlife.”

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