Developing the Conservation Workforce

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Brian Heppenstall, Senior Ranger of Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre and Local Nature Reserve discusses how conservation professionals can support the development of the careers of people coming into our sector. With a look at the nature reserve based, work placement scheme that was rated higher than that of Natwest, Microsoft and Tesco, Brian discussed the evolution of a structured offer that has benefitted over 80 students since 2014. This talk is aimed at those people working within the conservation sector who are in a position to influence the careers of others, and also to those coming into the sector who want to hear about the benefits of a placement programme on the workforce in general and to the organisations who are interested in running them – and how we have adapted this to a world where social distancing limits in-person experiences.

Recording of a facebook live session held on CJSJobs on 4 December 2020

The slides from Brian's presentation are available here

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