Avon Wildlife Trust are delighted at North Somerset Council’s recent Declaration of an Ecological Emergency - Avon Wildlife Trust

North Somerset Council’s declaration of an Ecological Emergency at their Council meeting on Tuesday 10 November signals another positive step for nature and wildlife in Avon.

Avon Wildlife Trust has been calling on Councils across the West of England to declare an ecological emergency and take urgent action to reverse declines in wildlife and restore the natural systems on which we all depend.

North Somerset Council’s declaration recognises that the survival of our society and economy depends absolutely on the health of the natural environment and ecosystems and identifies a wide range of causes of the ecological emergency, including pollution, urbanisation, hydrological change, the proliferation of invasive species, and poor practices in agriculture, woodland management and fishing. It sets out the approach the Council will take to resist destruction of habitats, enrich the environment and increase biodiversity, including through planning policy, development management and collaborative action.

This declaration follows North Somerset Council’s declaration of a climate emergency in February 2019. It recognises that the climate and ecological emergencies are linked as they are both the result of over-exploitation of the earth’s resources and poor land management and resolves to tackle the “climate and nature emergencies” together.

Action on these twin emergencies will aid in nature’s recovery in North Somerset and the surrounding area and we look forward to working with the North Somerset Council to improve the natural environment for the benefit of wildlife, climate and people.

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Posted On: 12/11/2020

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