National Mammal Week 2020 – 23 October to 1 November 2020

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National Mammal Week is organised by the Mammal Society as a celebration and awareness week of mammals and their conservation in Great Britain.

This year’s dates are Friday 23 October – Sunday 1 November (inclusive) and the theme for this year’s event is habitats.

A reduction in suitable habitats is one of the big reasons for mammal population decline in Britain. Some of our most at-risk mammals, including harvest mice, voles, hedgehogs, hazel dormice, and several species of bat have been adversely affected by changes to the quality or scope of their normal habitat. By highlighting this and explaining more about why mammal presence in particular habitats is so vital for biodiversity we aim to raise awareness and bring about change.

Every day, beginning with Friday 23 October, our bloggers will be looking at a new habitat, from urban areas through to swamps, and the mammals we might expect to find there.

During the week we’ll also be launching a special version of our Mammal Photographer of the Year competition, so if you’re handy with a camera be sure to check our website at

National Mammal Week promotion image showing red squirrel, mouse, bat and hedgehog

This Mammal Week we will, as always, be encouraging everyone to get outdoors or look out of the window and tell us what you see. Whether you are a walker, cyclist, horse-rider or commuter we want you to download the Mammal Mapper app (or complete our online form if you would prefer) and let us know about the mammal signs and sightings you spot. Whether you are a passenger in a car and spot dead badgers and rabbits on your commute or regularly see foxes outside your home, we would love to hear from you but please be sure to check on the specific local Covid-19 restrictions for your area before heading out.

We’d like to make this Mammal Week the biggest week ever for mammal records in the UK!

For more information about National Mammal Week and to find out about special discounts, special offers and competitions, keep an eye on our webpage at and on social media #MammalWeek. Want to keep up with Mammal Society news? Sign up here to receive our regular newsletter.

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