LGA and UCL launch Net Zero Innovation Programme - Local Government Association

Councils and universities can apply for a new Net Zero Innovation Programme to address climate challenges at a local level, the Local Government Association and University College London announce today.

It comes as councils across the UK lead action at a local level to reduce carbon emissions, transition to net zero and ultimately improve the quality of life of their residents and the local environment.

The Net Zero Innovation Programme will bring together partnerships of researchers and climate change officers from councils across all the regions in England for an initial period of 12 months.

The LGA, which represents councils in England and Wales, said that a pilot of the partnership workshops held in April this year, comprising of six pairings of councils and universities, was successful in building the tools and techniques required for this type of collaboration.

It said universities have been working in the climate change space for a substantial period of time and have invaluable research that can help councils in achieving their ambitions.

The LGA said that it hoped the varying expertise of local authorities to respond to the climate emergency creates a clear opportunity for engagement and knowledge exchange with the research community.

Posted on: 02 September 2020

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