New study from University of Northampton into the social and economic effects of grouse shooting in English moorland communities - Countryside Alliance

The Institute for Logistics Intelligence and Supply Chain Transformation at the University of Northampton has published a new study into the social and economic effects of grouse shooting in English moorland communities.

The study, authored by Prof. Simon Denny and Tracey Latham-Green, found that grouse shooting is part of a complex web of integrated moorland management practices. The study makes clear that it is the activities associated with grouse shooting that underpins those positive economic and social benefits brought to local upland communities, and the wider UK, by integrated moorland management.

It suggests that any policy that seeks to affect any part of this web should carefully consider what its impacts would be on a wide range of economic and social factors, at the start of the policy formation process. Failure to adhere to this approach would risk causing unintended but irreversible social and economic catastrophe to our upland communities.

The direct economic value of grouse shooting in England and Wales is estimated to be £67.7 million per annum.

76% of estate owners surveyed stressed the importance they attributed to carbon sequestration and peat restoration.

The report can be found here.

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Posted On: 10/08/2020

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