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Million-pound boost for Britain’s native oyster population - Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

(image: Zoological Society of London)
(image: Zoological Society of London)

Conservation project to recreate habitat for “ocean superheroes” around UK coast

International conservation charity ZSL (Zoological Society of London) along with partners Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) and British Marine are celebrating a win for wildlife, today on World Oyster Day after they received an award of £1,180,000 to boost British native oyster populations – the biggest project of its kind in the UK.
The funding has been raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery and awarded as part of the Dream Fund, which gives charities the opportunity to bring a dream project to life. It will help the ‘Wild Oysters’ project to recover the native oyster populations which will in turn see cleaner water, healthier fisheries and plentiful marine biodiversity in Britain.

Across the UK wild native oysters (Ostrea edulis) have declined by over 95%, with the dramatic decrease due to a combination of over-harvesting, habitat loss, pollution and disease; however healthy oyster beds are hugely productive and help a rich biodiversity of associated species to thrive. They provide important fish nursery ground habitat, supporting commercially important species such as seabass, bream and edible crabs.
Bringing conservation and industry together, the unique partnership between ZSL, BLUE and British Marine will allow oyster nurseries, suspended under marina pontoons, to release the next generation of baby oysters to the seabed. The young oysters, known as spat, will settle across the three oyster reefs created across British Estuaries including the River Conwy (Wales), Firth of Clyde (Scotland) and Tyne and Wear coastal body water (England). The project will work together with local partners to commence the restoration of the 20,000km2 of oyster reefs that have been lost from around the coastline of Britain.

The oyster nurseries will provide a “unique window into the ocean” which the project’s backers hope will allow them to inspire the next generation to protect and enhance the marine environment The “Wild Oyster” project will engage thousands of volunteers, from schools, Girlguides and Scouts, University students, and local community groups to share the Oyster Love and spread the word about the importance and significance of increasing oyster population.

Posted on: 05 August 2020

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