Forest Research collaborate with Defra and Vodafone to pilot new generation of tree growth monitors - Forest Research

In a new collaboration, Forest Research, Defra and Vodafone, are piloting the use of some of the latest web-based technologies to assess their capability to monitor tree growth and contribute to research on climate change.

Narrow band ‘Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology provide an opportunity to develop a new generation of environmental sensors, which would enable more frequent gathering of data than is currently available, and stream it remotely to users.

As part of the three month project to test the use of NB-IoT for environmental monitoring, Vodafone have provided purpose-built tree sensors to be fitted at Forestry England’s Alice Holt Forest in Hampshire and Harwood Forest in Northumberland.

The sensors will capture data measuring temperature, humidity, soil moisture, growth and sway of trees. Forest Research scientists will have access to the monitoring data that is collected via an internet-based dashboard.

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