More people spending time outdoors. New survey reveals importance of nature to Scotland’s recovery from Covid-19 - Scottish Natural Heritage

A honeybee flying towards a polyanthus flower (SNH)
A honeybee flying towards a polyanthus flower (SNH)

Lockdown in Scotland saw an increase in the number of people visiting the outdoors to enjoy nature and stay healthy, according to a report by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

The results of the first comprehensive, independent survey of our relationship with nature during lockdown, demonstrate that more Scots, concerned about their wellbeing, are turning to nature as they recover from the pandemic. To grow that enthusiasm SNH has today launched a campaign, Make Space for Nature.

The 1,000 people surveyed revealed that Scots took more outdoor exercise and expect to continue this as restrictions lift, with:

Make Space for Nature encourages people to further explore simple, fun activities that can help nature thrive – from submitting sightings of birds, frogs, and butterflies - to swapping pollinator-friendly plant cuttings with friends and even learning to love weeds – a great food source for pollinators.

Posted on: 20 July 2020

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