A call during Bees’ Needs Week

England’s B-Lines network will give pollinating insects a boost - Buglife

Credit: Buglife
Credit: Buglife

A newly completed B-Lines network for England is being launched this week by conservation charity Buglife. B-Lines are a strategically mapped nationwide network of potential and existing wildflower habitat, designed to identify where creating new habitat will provide the greatest benefit for pollinators and help restore our declining populations of bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinating insects. These rivers of wildflowers will criss-cross the country from the South West to the North East enabling pollinators, and other wildlife, to move across the landscape.

During Bees’ Needs Week (13th to 19th July 2020), Buglife is calling on organisations and individuals everywhere to do their bit to help our precious pollinators – to get involved in planting wildflowers along the B-Lines and follow the Bees’ Needs ‘5 Simple Actions’

B-Lines is a big solution to a big problem – the declines in our wild pollinators. In living memory, the sight and sounds of pollinators have faded across the country as wildflower-rich habitats have disappeared. We must repair, enhance and connect our landscapes, building on work already underway and planned by communities, public bodies, businesses and farmers, ultimately restoring a vibrant land where insects are abundant, where they can pollinate our wildflowers and crops, and where they will continue to delight and inspire future generations.

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