Trust responds to alarming beaver cull numbers - Scottish Wildlife Trust

Figures released by Scottish Natural Heritage have confirmed that 87 beavers were culled under licence in Tayside in 2019. The population in the area was estimated at around 450 in 2018.

The Trust believes this level of culling is unsustainable. We have called for a new forward-looking strategy for beavers, which includes the potential for strategic reintroductions into other areas of Scotland.

Our Director of Conservation Sarah Robinson said: “This report confirms that at least one-fifth of the beaver population in Tayside has been shot in a single season. It demonstrates that heavy localised culling can impact the population over a wider area, and is halting the ability of animals to spread out through a vacuum effect. These are alarming figures. Such a heavy cull has almost certainly had a negative impact on the conservation status of a protected species. If lethal control continues at this level, we would have grave concerns for the future of beavers in Scotland."

The Trust is responding to yesterday's SNH report, you can read about is here.

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Posted On: 29/05/2020

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