Reaction: Welcome Government commitments towards closing our doors on nature invaders - Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife and Countryside Link welcomes the Government’s response today to the Environmental Audit Committee’s recommendations on tackling invasive species. Particularly positive is the Government’s commitment to exploring creating a Nature Volunteer Force and an inspectorate to boost biosecurity and public awareness on this damaging issue for wildlife and the economy.

Zoe Davies, Policy Lead at Wildlife and Countryside Link, said: ‘Invasive plants and animals cost our economy around two billion pounds per year and the price tag is set to soar with new post-Brexit trade routes and climate change opening the doors to more potential nature invaders. It’s welcome that the government is considering the EAC’s robust proposals on how to close the doors on nature invaders’ dual threat to our environment and our economy. Properly resourced biosecurity along with an engaged citizens’ army are essential to deliver an effective invasives’ line of defence, which can help make nature and our economy more healthy, and should form part of a green recovery after the covid-19 crisis.’

Posted on: 13 May 2020

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