Adorable, fluffy penguin chicks hatch… and our keepers name them after NHS Heroes - Chester Zoo

(image: Chester Zoo)
(image: Chester Zoo)

The first of the tiny new arrivals – threatened Humboldt penguins – arrived on 26 March, closely followed by several others, the last of which emerged from its egg on 14 April.

To help them keep track of the new chicks, our conservationists select a different naming theme for the youngsters each year. Previous years’ topics have included brands of crisps, chocolate bars and British Olympic athletes.

This year, our keepers have recognised the amazing work of the UK’s NHS Heroes and have decided to pay homage to NHS Heroes and the hospitals they work at. The five chicks have been named Florence (after Florence Nightingale), Thomas (after St Thomas’ Hospital), Bevan (after Aneurin Bevan who founded the NHS), Arrowe (after Arrowe Park Hospital) and finally Countess (named after the zoo’s local hospital – the Countess of Chester Hospital).

The new chicks will spend the first eight weeks of life tucked away in their nests, with both mum and dad sharing parenting duties and caring for them.

Posted on: 06 May 2020

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