Name that nature tune! Canal & River Trust challenges children to beat their grandparents in new online wildlife quiz. - Canal and River Trust

40% of young people cannot identify the sound a duck makes!

Spring may be bursting out all over but, with the coronavirus lockdown confining people indoors for much of their day, everyone is at greater risk of losing touch with nature. The Canal & River Trust charity has responded by launching an online wildlife quiz so everyone can imagine they’re strolling along a waterway towpath listening to nature.

The Trust, which cares for 2,000 miles of waterways, commissioned a survey that showed young people are less likely to be able to identify wildlife than older generations. According to the findings, only 59% of people aged 16-24 could identify a duck’s quacking sound, compared with 78% of the over 55s.

The survey also discovered 76% of parents believe they are less knowledgeable about nature than the previous generation, with 68% of parents also believing that their own children are less knowledgeable about nature than they were at the same age.

To test your nature knowledge on the Canal & Rover Trust wildlife quiz go to:

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