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Today (Monday 20 April) Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust have launched ‘Nature Natters’ a new initiative to help people feel less lonely and more connected to nature during social distancing. We understand that we are all experiencing strange and uncertain times, it is extremely difficult for people not to be able to visit their family and we are all worried about relatives who live alone.

We want to give people the opportunity to send a thoughtful gift to their friends, neighbours and family members, especially those who may be experiencing loneliness. All whilst helping to support the work of the Trust. Therefore for a suggested minimum donation of £10, we are offering people the chance to gift a friendly chat over the phone to one of our wildlife experts on a variety of topics such as wildlife gardening, ask the entomologist, wildlife in politics or simply a love of wildlife.

The idea was developed after a member sent a big thank you message to, Ben Keywood, Customer and Membership Support Administrator and Entomologist at the Trust for having a lovely conversation with her elderly mother over the phone. The member said it made her mum’s afternoon to chat to wildlife expert Ben.

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Posted On: 21/04/2020

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