Something adorable for Wildlife Wednesday: Edinburgh Zoo’s giant anteater pup named - Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

Credt: RZSS/Andrew Laing (senior carnivore keeper at Edinburgh Zoo)
Credit: RZSS/Andrew Laing (senior carnivore keeper at Edinburgh Zoo)

The four-month-old anteater pup born at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo has been named Zeferino, a Portuguese word meaning 'West wind’.

Keepers at the wildlife conservation charity chose the name from a list inspired by the giant anteater's native Brazil where RZSS supports conservation work for the species.

Alison MacLean, the zoo’s head of carnivores, said, “Both mum and baby are doing really well. Zeferino is still growing and starting to explore independently while still spending most of his time on Nala’s back. The zoo is currently closed to the public but the keepers are still here giving all our amazing animals the best of care and we have a live cameras so viewers can keep an eye on our penguins, panda, koala and tiger. Being closed means we have no visitor income and we’re incredibly grateful to our members, supporters and everyone who has donated at this difficult time. Anyone who wants to help look after our animals and save species in the wild can find out how on our website.”

As well as being part of the European breeding programme for giant anteaters, RZSS supports the Anteaters and Highways project which was set up to help protect the species in the wild.

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Posted On: 15/04/2020

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