More than 100,000 trees take root in Northern Forest - Woodland Trust

More than 100,000 trees were planted in the Northern Forest during the November to March planting season under the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods programme – double the amount planted the year before.

Over the next 25 years the Woodland Trust and Community Forests are aiming to plant more than 50 million trees from Liverpool to Hull, connecting the community forests of the north.

As part of the ambitious woodland creation project, the Woodland Trust, thanks to funding from Defra, will contribute up to 85% of the costs to anyone wanting to plant more than half a hectare of woodland on their land through MOREwoods.

Emma Briggs, who heads up the Trust’s MOREwoods project, said: “The area covered by the Northern Forest has below average woodland cover - just 7.6% compared to the UK average of 13% - but we have above average ambition and farmers, smallholders and other landowners are an integral part of our vision. In 2019 we saw a huge spike in interest from landowners wanting to do their bit, not just for the Northern Forest but for climate change as well so we are delighted to see so many people rising to the challenge at this time of climate emergency. There are so many reasons to plant trees. They improve soil quality and stability, slow the flow of flooding, provide shelter for crops and livestock, attract pollinators, and can provide an additional cash crop, a source of fuel and a home for wildlife. And with our best ever subsidy, supported by Defra, there’s no better time to think about planting for a stronger, more viable future.”

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Posted On: 15/04/2020

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