eNGOs challenge Government to do more to avoid hamstrung environment mission - Wildlife and Countryside Link

Nature and conservation charities are warning that the coronavirus charity aid package announced today by the Government, though welcome, is not enough to offset the financial losses that are likely to hamstring their ability to protect nature and tackle climate change for years ahead.

The Government must clearly prioritise people’s health and livelihoods during this crisis, and nature charities are also urging government to look again at what help they can offer the struggling sector to enable them to carry out their frontline work which is so critical to meeting government targets on climate change, restoration of nature, air and water quality, and natural flood defences. While we must focus on the immediate coronavirus crisis eNGOs are urging the government to help us to tackle the nature and climate crises we also face.

The immediate impact of lost revenue through site closures, cancelled fundraising and loss of paid for work will see some environment NGOs’ (eNGOs) income reduced by 50% or more this year. They also face long-term losses due to reduced membership, donations and lack of access to funding in the wake of the coronavirus. This will severely restrict eNGOs’ ability to protect our land and wildlife, which people are valuing – and getting health benefits from – more than ever during this crisis, and eNGOs’ means to carry out vital conservation and environment works.

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