National community of garden birdwatchers offers people the opportunity to stay connected to nature from home - British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)

Each week, for the past 25 years, an army of citizen scientists has recorded the birds and other wildlife visiting their gardens, enabling researchers at the BTO to answer important questions about garden wildlife. This national community has just opened its doors in order to help those confined to their homes this spring to connect with wildlife and contribute to important scientific research without leaving home.

During this current period of uncertainty, many of us are looking to our gardens to enjoy nature and be outdoors, to learn, and to improve our well-being. BTO Garden BirdWatch (GBW) offers a great opportunity to learn more about garden birds and other wildlife, and to contribute directly to BTO’s important scientific research on the value of gardens for wildlife. The more we know about how wildlife uses our gardens, the more we can make our cities, towns, villages and individual gardens better for nature.
The survey involves simply keeping a list of the birds you see visiting your garden over the course of a week, and then entering this into the BTO's online recording system. You can also record other garden wildlife, such as butterflies and mammals.

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Posted On: 01/04/2020

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