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A report by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) starts to scope out the potential for transformative changes to the way we live, to ensure that our natural environment will be able to sustain us in the future.

NRW is gathering evidence for its second State of Natural Resources Report (SoNaRR), due to be published in December 2020. The report is Wales’ national evidence base for natural resources, ecosystem resilience and wellbeing.

Caerfai Bay (image: NRW)
Caerfai Bay (image: NRW)

It will be used to inform action and decisions by a range of decision makes across Wales and through such routes as Area Statements and the Natural Resources policy.

An interim report has been published, which outlines the evidence from the United Nations on the linked nature and climate emergencies. The UN are calling for ‘transformative changes’ to society and the economy to deal with these emergencies. The report describes some examples of the type of action which could be taken.

We need your help this year to gather together the evidence for Wales around these two emergencies and the options we have to address them. We need your views on what we have set out in terms of the challenges Wales faces and how we measure progress.

NRW is actively looking for individuals and organisations to help contribute to the next report. If you think you can help NRW with information needed to assess the sustainable management of natural resources, please get in touch

Details are published in the State of Natural Resources Interim Report 2019 on NRW’s website here.

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Posted On: 03/02/2020

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