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Our Aims.....
The Cameron Bespolka Trust was set up in memory of Cameron. He loved nature. He photographed it, blogged about it, surveyed it and immersed himself in it. Bird-watching was a major part of his life. We create and sponsor outdoor events for young people from every background to help them discover that same passion for all things wild and natural.

What an opportunity for our charity to reach out to young people at a time when we are all facing challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and a trend towards increased urban living. Suggestions have been made that overnight “ ....a night under the stars’ trips would help pupils understand more about the natural environment.

The projects we support give young people hands-on opportunities to experience nature close up. We particularly try to reach those children who would not necessarily have the chance to experience and participate in outdoor activities.
We are proud to partner with a wide range of organisations who are actively involved in protecting and promoting the natural world. These partnerships are important in ensuing that the work we do is relevant and valuable.

What We Do
We fund a broad range of year-round activities for children and young people, both in the UK and USA. We are passionate about getting them outside and closer to nature.
The projects we sponsor are diverse and general to outdoor learning, involving practical skills, encouraging enthusiastic artists as well as teaching a love of the natural world through observation and understanding. We offer a variety of opportunities to inspire different levels of participation from young people, ranging from those new to nature to those seeking a career in conservation.

Examples include:

  • Wildlife and bird camps run by expert partners such as the RSPB and HIWWT
  • Scholarships and internships
  • Wildlife talks
  • Wildlife art competitions
  • Bird and wildlife photography competitions
  • Young Naturalist Group
  • Cameron’s Cottage ( see below )
  • We also organise many fundraising events to support our work.
    Cameron’s Cottage (Corinne Cruickshank)
    Cameron’s Cottage (Corinne Cruickshank)

    Cameron’s Cottage
    Cameron’s Cottage will be an exciting new facility hidden away in the middle of the RSPB’s 1000 acre reserve, “Franchises Lodge” deep in the New Forest National Park.

    We believe it is crucial to encourage young people to look after nature and help them develop a broader understanding of our ecosystem. When Cameron was 15, he spent 3 nights in a cottage in a nature reserve. Night and day, dawn and dusk, he was surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. His stay in that cottage helped to fire his passion for wildlife observation - it was an experience he spoke of frequently, and was central to the naturalist he became.

    Through our partnership with the RSPB we are planning to renovate and build on an existing cottage within Franchises Lodge. Partnerships like this are vital for the future of our fragile world and how fortunate we are to have such a wealth of experience from so many committed and knowledgeable individuals and organisations. The cottage will provide a focus for many nature-based activities for groups from schools, colleges, universities and other organisations to encourage a life-long love of nature and the environment.

    Logo: Cameron Bespolka Trust

    Sarah Neish Trustee of The Cameron Bespolka Trust



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    First published in CJS Focus on the Next Generation in association with Action for Conservation on 2 December 2019. Read the full issue here

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