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The Scottish Countryside Rangers Association is the Professional organisation for Rangers and Countryside Staff in Scotland. The Association since its creation in 1974, today develops through its members volunteering in delivering and creating what we have achieved over the last forty years.                                           

Through also receiving support from ranger employers such as   from National Parks, Local Authorities, NGO, Private, and Communities allow their staff to be involved in SCRA in all we provide collectively for our members’ Training, Conferences,   Qualifications, Award Programmes, Regional Groups and representation on other organisations at national level.

We are currently in the process of developing a new Market Strategy and a new Website. This will allow SCRA to be able to deliver a more professional service to members through achieving our goals into the future of rangering in Scotland, such as submission to a Petition Committee of the Scottish Parliament seeking to highlight the loss of ranger posts across Scotland.

We urgently need more Volunteers to help share the workload and assist council to continue delivering a professional service.

SCRA also provides a public “supporter membership category” for anyone who is interested in supporting the work of Rangers across Scotland.

What you can expect is a friendly welcome and volunteering for SCRA can be short or longer periods, covering an array of topics in the advancement of the membership. You don’t need to be an expert   If you feel you have time to help; it will be very welcomed and hopefully rewarding by enhancing your knowledge in gaining Committee Skills and putting learning outcomes towards a SCRA Continual Professional Development (CPD).

SCRA has mutual affiliation with CMA which was established forty years ago this year.

SCRA has a long standing twinned programme with the Icelandic Ranger Association.

We need hands (Bob Reid)
We need hands (Bob Reid)

The International Rangers’ Federation was founded in Scotland. As a member you belong to the global family of Rangers.   We are also members of the European Rangers’ Federation which is IRF at a regional level which take in 30 countries including Russia and Israel.

SCRA last month, sent equipment to Rangers in Uganda through Nature Frontline.

So, there are many topics to get involved with, be it working groups covering Education, Health, Interpretation, Scottish Junior Ranger Award and the SCRA Challenge Award.

Get involved in delivering the journal SCRAmble and communication on Twitter, Facebook and Skype etc or help convert the SCRA Archives   to digital to be accessed through our website.   Get involved in supporting your Regional Group programme.

We live in a world where profile is so, so important, and as rangers we can rely on SCRA to represent our collective views, on many issues as it affects you being a ranger ,and maintaining the future of rangers into the future.

If you wish to Volunteer, please contact Bob Reid at  

First published in CJS Focus on Volunteering in association with RSPB on 18 September 2017

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