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What's the benefit and what proof is there that it works?

Our web stats (Google analytics) show that there is a peak of interest in pages the day of / after a social media promotion which can match or even surpass the original posting. The analytics on Facebook and Twitter show that posts with images attract approximately double the interest of plain text ones and often much more than that.


Longer run

From 10

Adverts stay online for four weeks or until the closing date, whichever, is sooner.  If you want your advert to stay live for longer it's charged by the additional week, each extra week is 20% of the original advert cost i.e. a standard listing (300 words + one logo) will be 22.40 per extra week.


Increased or repeat Social Media Coverage 

From 30

This is particularly useful if you've not had many applications and you're getting near the closing date or you want to remind everyone about your job.


Higher profile              30 per day     Links to your advert on CJS.

Additional promotion of more detailed tweet and Facebook postings and repeat listings in Daily Email.

Limits: maximum of 3 per week. CJS will list no more than 3 per day.  


Job of the Day           60 per day     Links direct to your advert on CJS.

Banner at top of job listings (here) for one day.  Includes additional tweet and Facebook postings both with image like this sample.  We usually use your logo but can use an image of your choice to accompany the details and all important link. The advert is highlighted in the Daily Email with your logo.

Limits: maximum of 1 banner per week. CJS will list no more than 3 per day.



Maximum readership


Where deadlines permit add CJS Professional for less than 10% extra, see Professional for details 

Featured Job in CJS Professional


Links direct from the email to your advert on CJS.

Place details of your vacancy at the top of the CJS Professional email ensuring it will be seen in the email preview pane. Job title, employer name, location plus a sentence to promote your vacancy. An excellent way to promote 'sticky' vacancies.

Limited to two jobs per edition.


Pictures speak louder than words: Add a video


We can embed a video into your advert. 40 (limited to one per advert), social media posts include reference to the video.

We can share your video via social media too!


How many extra people will we reach?


CJS Online: 138,343 page views

CJS Weekly: approx. 8,500 readers

CJS Professional has a total readership of approx. 100,000

Social media

Twitter (@CountrysideJobs): 6,115

Facebook (/CJSJobs): 3,210

LinkedIn (TheCJSTeam): 2,909

Daily Email: 9,000

(stats from January 2018) 


We offer a range of Discounts and Deals. Find out more here.

NB: If it's a voluntary or unwaged post you're advertising there's a 50% discount off all advertising.



NB: All prices quoted net of VAT which is chargeable at standard rates.