What you think CJS does: advertise jobs for rangers.

What CJS actually does…..

Promotes countryside projects, publishes adverts for volunteers, collates a daily news roundup, works with many different organisations to highlight issues and introduce new initiatives, runs a large directory of sector wide training courses and professional events, hosts a wide range of advice and information covering all parts of the conservation sector, produces three newsletters as well as managing a large website and yes, advertises jobs for rangers, amongst lots of others!

pie chart of vancacies advertised in 2021

In fact less than 16% of all the adverts placed in 2021 were for rangers and it's still less than 30% when considering all jobs across the wider land management field. The big blue area on the first chart represents the second largest number of vacancies and is for ecology roles. Arboriculture, including commercial forestry, the deep red segment is the next largest. Policy and Advice (purple) and, Environmental Education and Outdoor Activities (pale blue) follow in terms of number advertised. The chart demonstrates the depth and breadth of vacancies advertised by CJS showing just how much of the sector is included as standard: from support services and promotion to wildlife work and animal care, and everything in between.

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pie chart of readers main area of interest

Our readership survey of 2021 shows that readers have a much wider range of interests than the jobs we advertise. The second chart shows the main area of interest, only one could be chosen. Ecology (dark blue segment) was the area of greatest interest with nearly 20% of the readership stating this was their main focus for a job search almost double the number of people seeking a ranger post (bright green,10.1%). There were also slightly more readers seeking work in Policy and Advice and, Wildlife Work and Animal Care than rangers, both on 10.6% of the readership (purple and teal respectively). A significant number of readers are primarily seeking work in Community Involvement including health e.g. green gym and green prescriptions (bright yellow) and, Environmental Education and Outdoor Activities (pale blue) but we have lower numbers of these vacancies and also of those for Wildlife Work and Animal Care.

So if you're looking to contact a countryside, conservation, nature, ecology, education, wildlife professional then CJS really is the place to advertise whether that's for your next team member, volunteer or to showcase your project and latest success. And if you're one of those people you know you're in the right place for the latest information - which yes, does include jobs - and why not tell your colleagues what they're missing?

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CJS is an ethical business working in harmony with environmental professionals to conserve the British countryside and natural world. Motivated by conservation success not profits.

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