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First Published:     July 1999

Availability:   Sent as a free digital newspaper to offices and sites of relevant authorities, agencies and major conservation charities and to some members of Countryside Management Association and of Scottish Countryside Rangers Association who have requested a copy.

Includes your advert in CJS Online and CJS Weekly.

Readership:    2600+ copies sent by email, 1/4 of readers forward their copy to colleagues.

Total readership c.100,000

Why choose CJS Professional:  Offers best value allowing you to reach all three of our audiences for the cost of just one advert.

Published: Second Thursday of every month

Deadlines    Booking:     5pm Monday preceding publication

   Copy:     12 noon Tuesday preceding publication

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Basic Text    200 words £85

Standard Listing    400 plus one logo £135

Unlimited    Unlimited text and logos £185

All are only £10 more that CJS Weekly

NB: If you need a full display advert (e.g. for dual languages) please contact us for further details.

Additional enhancement and promotion options

Featured Job in CJS Professional £10 Links direct from the email to your advert on CJS.

Place details of your vacancy at the top of the CJS Professional email ensuring it will be seen in the email preview pane. Job title, employer name, location plus a sentence to promote your vacancy. An excellent way to promote 'sticky' vacancies. 

Add a video: £40

Higher promotion: £25 per day  Additional promotion with more detailed tweet plus LinkedIn and Facebook postings with highlighted repeat listings in the daily email.                   Limits: maximum of 3 per week.

Job of the Day:     £50 per day    As higher promotion but with an image, you can supply an image to use or CJS will create one for you. Includes: banner on the main jobs page.

Limits: maximum of 1 promotion per advert per week.

Social Package:           £75 per advert  As for Job of the Day plus sharing to other website / fora, for example specialist Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups, selected by CJS to ensure we're reaching the right audience for your job.             Limits: one promotion per advert only.  More information here

NB: all prices  + VAT at standard rate


Reader profile  

Highest qualification achieved                 

GCSE / A Level: 5%

BTEC / HND: 11%

Degree: 48%

Masters or higher: 61%

Years of professional experience             

Up to five years: 14%

6 - 9 years: 6%

10-14 years: 11%

15-19 years: 7%

Over 20 years: 60%

Next post preferred grade

Entry level: 7%

Assistant grade: 13%

Main grade: 26%

Senior grade: 33%

Management level: 21% 

40% are members of a relevant professional association e.g. CIEEM

Data from reader survey held in November 2021

Main posts of interest to CJS Professional readers:

Ecology and biodiversity roles are the main focus of interest for over 50%

Countryside ranger and officers and practical countryside management roles for nearly half (46%, 40% and 42% respectively)

Wildlife and zoology work is the main area for 26%

Community project work including health initiatives such as green gym and green prescriptions is main for 21%

Research and field work e.g. bat survey is the focus for 19%

Environmental education is the main area for 18% an additional 13% are involved with or looking for outdoor activity instructor type roles.

Arboriculture and forestry forms the focus for 17%

Heritage including archaeology is a growing part of the sector with 12% stating they work in this area.

Our advertisers say:

  • The nearest thing to a trade paper that rangering in the UK has. (Borough Council)
  • We have always filled our Countryside Ranger posts from CJS. (Borough Council)
  • Very happy with your service. (Government Agency)
  •  It was very efficient and clearly popular with potential employees in this field. (County Council)
  • Always get a good response with adverts in CJS. (Borough Council)                           

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Although we're tied to these dates for CJS Professional publication there is flexibility in choosing an edition of CJS Weekly and your online posting can be made at any time. Additional coverage can be arranged on request, please ask for more details and quotes.

NB: All prices quoted net of VAT which is chargeable at standard rates.

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