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Introducing Countryside Jobs Service

But I already know CJS I can hear you thinking. Yes, I’m sure you do but I doubt you know everything about CJS so we feel it may be time to re-introduce ourselves. Apologies for the longer than usual notice but we have a lot to say!

What you think CJS Does: Advertise jobs for Rangers

Which is true and we’re very proud to be the official Job service for both of the UK’s ranger’s organisations: CMA & SCRA, however there’s so much more than ranger jobs included in CJS Weekly – the original Countryside Jobs Service which now covers careers across the countryside and conservation sector.

So, if it’s not just for rangers what else is there?

In 2023 12% of adverts posted online were for ecology and biodiversity focused roles and 10% were for community involvement and volunteer recruitment and management type jobs. A further 9% were working within environmental education, interpretation and outdoor activities. Of course all of this doesn’t happen by magic you need a hard working support team in the background and just over 3% of adverts in 2023 were for admin and IT jobs.


Providing quality over quantity by being about more than “just jobs”

What you might not know is that CJS doesn’t only publish job adverts, we provide a one stop shop for all countryside, conservation information including news, information and articles covering a wide range of subjects. As well as daily and weekly updates this includes our periodic publications, CJS Focus. Earlier this year we published our annual CJS Focus on Volunteering which was stuffed with adverts for voluntary roles but also a wide range of articles about volunteering and also on how to manage and help your volunteers. Our two other special focus editions this year will be looking at Visitor Management (June) and Arboriculture and Forestry (October). Now why should this matter when all you want is to fill your vacancy? Simple - because everyone who reads CJS is keenly interested in the sector and whilst not everyone may be desperately seeking a new position and sending out hundred of applications to every job they see (whether they’re suited to it or not) there will be some who are open to the perfect opportunity coming along and in between reading about the latest developments in conservation grazing with alpaca, or using sound acoustics to identify squirrels, may see your job advert and know that’s perfect for them – and them for you. If you didn’t advertise in CJS it might never be seen by your perfect candidate. CJS has never boasted about the quantity of applicants, promising you an overflowing inbox of CVs that’s not us. What you will get is quality candidates bringing exceptional quality and a depth of knowledge as well as that keenness to the role.


Social Enterprise ethics

CJS has and always will offer free advertising in CJS Weekly and on certain sections of the website, for voluntary roles for example, and we also support the countryside, conservation sector in a wide array of ways, in 2023 89% of everything CJS produced was done so without charge. By placing a paid advert with CJS you’re supporting this work and allowing us to reach other areas of the sector, to promote the small organisations and micro-projects, to help our next generation of wildlife warriors and conservation champions.


Here to help

CJS is run by a small team of dedicated professionals bringing all this to you every day, every week and month since 1994.

We’re a friendly bunch, happy to help and answer all your questions so please feel free to drop us an email or even pick up the phone (01947 896007), you’ll reach a real person and won’t need to go through a million menus or describe your query in three words!


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CJS is an ethical business working in harmony with environmental professionals to conserve the British countryside and natural world. Motivated by conservation success not profits.

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