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it's turning out to be another busy year here at CJS and I'm sure you're incredibly busy too, so thanks for taking the time to read this email, I hope we can make your life a little less fraught and simplify your recruitment. Two years ago we refocused CJS to put Jobs back at heart of all we do and looking at the numbers of adverts and your lovely responses and testimonials it's been a much appreciated change in approach.


Quality over Quantity

CJS has never focused on providing large numbers of applications, instead we've always offered highly targeted advertising. Our readers know that we only accept adverts relevant for our sector and will refuse to accept general, non-sector specific adverts and so CJS has become the trusted countryside specialist. For advertisers we promise high quality, knowledgeable, enthusiastic candidates with a great love for the British countryside and natural world. I'm sure you'd rather be struggling to choose between 10 amazing candidates than wading through 100 average applications. In last year's survey of advertisers survey the majority told us to remain highly targeted so that's just what we'll do.


Keeping it simple (and cheap!)

There are three standard options when advertising online and of course the CJS Standard Free Linage option for voluntary roles and in CJS Weekly (not online) is always available. If you have a lot of adverts we offer discounts on packages of more than five and for agencies and charities there's a 10% discount too. 90% of advertisers ranked the cost of advertising with CJS as a 4 or 5 out of 5 and according to 97% it was very easy to place adverts.

With over 25 years' experience CJS continues to provide a one-stop shop for everyone in the countryside, conservation, ecology and wildlife sectors we are the official job service for the rangers associations in the UK, the Countryside Management Association and Scottish Countryside Rangers Association and a CIEEM Awards sponsor for the second time, however we know that the countryside is a big place and it requires much more than practical countryside staff to keep everything running. Therefore, CJS has always advertised ancillary jobs and all roles linked to nature, wildlife and conservation as well as education and interpretation, see all the various areas we cover here. This autumn our CJS Focus publication will be looking at the unsung office works keeping everything running and featuring Support Services.


Why should you advertise a non-countryside job with a countryside jobs site? Quite simply because adverts with CJS produce the best candidates.

In the survey of advertisers 82% said the quality of candidates from CJS were better than average. Our readership surveys show that readers have a much wider range of interests than you might realise with a large proportion focusing on ecology, environmental education and, wildlife work and animal care - areas which you may not have considered falling within CJS's range.


If you're looking to contact a countryside, conservation, woodland, nature, ecology, forestry, education, wildlife professional then CJS really is the place to advertise. 97% of advertisers would or already have recommended CJS.


If you have any questions please contact us, one of the team will be happy to help.


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CJS is an ethical business working in harmony with environmental professionals to conserve the British countryside and natural world. Motivated by conservation success not profits.

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