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Horticulture and Small Holding

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Short Training Courses

(10 day consecutive maximum) Many of the providers have further details on the Centres and Providers pages.
For all courses assume that booking is required and a fee may be applicable.

Horticulture and Small Holding

Practical and theoretical training in gardening, permaculture and small holding.  Everything from winter pruning of fruit trees to housing your hens.

January 2019

07/01/2019    Plant and Garden Knowledge For Garden Design     5 Days

Derbyshire Eco Centre, Derbyshire Eco Centre. Contact: 01629 533038

Develop your understanding of the requirements of ornamental plants, improve your plant knowledge and hone your planting design skills.

Cost £100.00

February 2019

24/02/2019    A Year to Grow your Own    10 Days

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre, Betws Bledwrs, Lampeter, SA48 8PD, Denmark Farm Conservation Centre. Contact: 01570493358

Always wanted to grow your own fruit and vegetables but don't know where to start? This ten part coursewill equip you withthe skills to develop yourown delicious edible garden, whilst encouraging the wildlife around you. 20 per session or £160 for all 10 sessions.

Cost £unknown

March 2019

01/03/2019    Introduction to Small Holding Management    2 Days

Juniper Hall, Field Studies Council. Contact: 01306 734501

Working from Juniper Hall and a 90 acre working farm in Carshalton, Surrey along the top of the North Downs ridge, this course will be run by the farm manager and will deal with all aspects of keeping sheep and cattle, touching on keeping other animals as well.

Cost £240.00

02/03/2019    How to be a Successful Smallholder    3 Days

The Kingcombe Centre, Dorset Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01300320684

If you are interested in looking after animals and being a successful smallholder, this course will teach you excellent animal health and welfare techniques using both classroom based and practical hands-on activities.

Cost £230.00

02/03/2019    Fruit Tree Grafting    1 Day

Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, Acton Scott Historic Working Farm - Shropshire Council. Contact: 01694 781307

Learn the ancient skill of fruit tree grafting and propagating. You will go home with a new skill and the confidence to start grafting your own trees. You will also leave with 3 trees that you have grafted to plant in your own garden.

Cost £65.00

23/03/2019    The Self Sustaining Garden     1 Day

Derbyshire Eco Centre, Derbyshire Eco Centre. Contact: 01629 533038

Find out how to create a low maintenance, highly productive, eco-friendly garden that takes care of itself!

Cost £39.00

April 2019

05/04/2019    Building with Straw Bales    3 Days

Stanmer Park, Lewes Road, Brighton BN1 9PZ, Brighton Permaculture Trust. Contact: 07746185927

An intensive practical and theoretical building course, covering all basic skills needed to build with straw bales.

Cost £unknown

26/04/2019    Willow Wigwam Garden Supports    1 Day

The Kingcombe Centre, Dorset Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01300 320684

Richard and Suzanne Kerwood of Windrush Willow will guide you through making a 4 to 6ft tall wigwam plant support with 12 uprights, followed by a cylindrical grow-through plant support using similar and additional techniques.

Cost £89.00

27/04/2019    Poultry Keeping    0.5 Day

Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, Acton Scott Historic Working Farm - Shropshire Council. Contact: 01694 781307

This comprehensive, practical course is designed to show that keeping poultry is not only pleasurable but also quite straightforward. All aspects of care, housing and breeding are covered including breed selection for eggs/meat, feeding, common ailments and diseases, incubation and rearing chicks, hen keeping and the law.

Cost £35.00

May 2019

03/05/2019    Willy Lott's Volunteer Weekend    2 Days

Flatford Mill, Field Studies Council. Contact: 01206 297110

If you're looking for time away from the rat race this weekend could be for you. Spend time in a beautiful setting and help us create inviting educational spaces at Flatford including the garden of the world famous Willy Lott's House.

Cost £75.00

03/05/2019    Forest Gardening Course    2 Days

Margam, Field Studies Council. Contact: 01639 895636

This is a two-day introduction to the concept and techniques of forest gardening, involving theory and practice from visioning to harvesting.

Cost £289.00

25/05/2019    Gardening For Health And Wellbeing     2 Days

Derbyshire Eco Centre, Derbyshire Eco Centre. Contact: 01629 533038

An introduction to the principles and practice of organic gardening. Love your plants, soil and wildife!

Cost £79.00

29/05/2019    Wildlife Gardening Talk and Demonstration    1 Day

The Kingcombe Centre, Dorset Wildlife Trust. Contact: 01300 320684

Learn how to create your own wildlife-friendly environment, big or small with Kate Bradbury.

Cost £75.00

June 2019

01/06/2019    Keeping Chickens    1 Day

Bore Place, TN8 7AR, Bore Place. Contact: 01732 463255

If you're considering keeping chickens, curious about what's involved or are new or inexperienced and would like to gain confidence, this informal course provides an eggs-cellent (sorry!) introduction to the popular hobby of poultry keeping. The course is designed for beginners, so no previous experience or knowledge is required.

Cost £59.00

11/06/2019    Practical Organic Gardening     7 Days

Derbyshire Eco Centre, Derbyshire Eco Centre. Contact: 01629 533038

Discover the keys to successful organic and sustainable gardening that benefits you, your plants and the wildlife in your garden.

Cost £97.00


Various Our Bright Future    8 Days

Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Contact: 07464 486826

Free course for 16-24 year olds in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury - Earn AQA accredited certificates, a working reference and a certificate in ‘Habitat Management and Community Engagement’ from the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust on completing 8 sessions. Join in any location, any time for a taster session.

Cost £unknown


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